Lords of Ravage

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Take on the role of one of the Lords of Ravage in search of a great artifact that can change the fate of the world. Deal with any heroes brave enough to interfere with your plans. Search for forbidden artifacts, forge dark alliances, and make daring raids.

* You are the final boss. Deal with dangerous heroes, slowly exhausting their strength before the inevitable fight with the dungeon boss – you.

* 3 Lords with unique play styles, mechanics, and factions. Send unending hordes of minions, build a small elite squad, shower enemies with curses, or deal personally with uninvited guests.

* Diverse enemies with unique mechanics. Fight a classical hero party, lone summoner, twin barbarians, an entire military expedition – each with its own strengths and weaknesses, defined by their combat mechanics.

* Develop a shadow empire. Raid cities, make dark alliances, take possession of cursed artifacts or hunt for secret knowledge.

* Thoughtful and addictive gameplay. Combine units from different factions and powerful tide-turning Edicts.

* Stunning graphics. The style combines traditional pixel art techniques and modern technologies. High-quality art, lighting, and effects are a feast to the eyes.