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Elsie is an indie action-platformer filled with rogue-like mechanics such as perma-death, procedurally generated levels, and a wide scope of items and weaponry to make each run as unique as possible.

Handcrafted Rooms: Each room in the world is designed by us and then stitched together to create more variety in level design but still maintaining full control over the level experience.

Rogue-like: Every run is different and unique. Level structure, shops, augments, treasure, challenges, bosses will all be randomly generated as your work through the robot infested levels.

Tons of customization: With our leveling system, every playthrough of the game will have a different flavor to the gameplay despite playing the same character. You might play one run focusing combat with a gun and the next will be a parry focus build, or even a hybrid of different elements.

The Choice is yours: Every class has unique pools of Augments, Weapons and Skills. Shops have many unique items to pick from to further change your experience. You can even pick the order in which to tackle most of our levels. Tired of going the same route? Change it up. If you’re finding the game too simple or too difficult, you can add modifiers to your run to change how the game plays out. Add more mayhem or make it a bit easier. It’s all about choice.