That’s a wrap! Guerrilla Collective 2!

Better than last year? Difficult to say … so many great games both years!

The “E3” landscape shifted again this year, and Guerrilla Collective presented some of the coolest, varied, and most creative recent games … we’re glad we could partner with so many amazing developers and publishers to help provide opportunities for these games to shine!

What is “E3” anyways 😉 One thing for certain – many around the world look forward to June as a time when the industry makes new announcements, reveals, and world premieres – whether it’s part of official E3 programming or not.

First Showcase of “E3” Season June 5

On June 5, Guerrilla Collective shared over 40 games of all kinds, including these first time announcements:

New trailer debuts:

Many others had release date announcements, new gameplay and more!

Friends at BitSummit shared interesting games from Asia and Justin Woodward and Alfonso Hooker presented new Black Voices in Gaming after the Showcase.

Showcase continues June 12

The showcase continued on June 12 as “E3” really kicked into high gear – more announcements and reveals, as well as visits with Marcus Bromander and Adriel Wallick from Innersloth to talk Among Us, and Douglas Bogart for an inside look at Limited Run!

June 12 announcements:

New trailers:

Plus many more new first time gameplay video reveals.

The Wholesome team presented Wholesome Direct as part of a new partnership just after the second Guerrilla Collective Showcase.  This independent, volunteer-driven showcase is organized by the Wholesome Games community to spotlight uplifting and thoughtful indie games.

Twitch, Steam, IGN and GameSpot supported all the amazing publishers and developers, presenting the showcases in prominent slots on their home pages.

Through the Guerrilla Collective event page on Steam, gamers could check out demos, wishlist, purchase or pre-purchase many of the games featured in Guerrilla Collective and Wholesome Direct.

June 15 Play for All Showcase with GameSpot

GameSpot presented a special showcase exclusively through their channels – including the official E3 Twitch and YouTube – of games that are created by diverse teams that aim to speak to important themes, create uplifting experiences, or explore subject matter that is often missing from big-budget titles.  This showcase is posted for viewing here:

Until next time … stay tuned for more amazing games and showcases by following the Guerrilla Collective on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.