No Place for Bravery

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“No Place for Bravery is a top-down action RPG that weaves a story of rampant violence and parental abandonment.

Thorn, a remnant from an ancient order of guardians, has laid down his sword but continues to be plagued by nightmares of the apocalyptic battles he fought in. He discovers an opportunity for redemption after finding clues to his daughter’s disappearance.

Amid the company of his crippled foster son named Phid, Thorn must decide how far he will go, not only to rescue his daughter, but to fulfill his inner desires. Striking 2D pixel art and intense combat set the stage for increasingly intense moral dilemmas that test how far the player will push Thorn in pursuit of their goals.

No Place for Bravery will be available on Steam (PC/Mac) and Nintendo Switch in 2021.”